The first Aryballos collection appeared in 2019 as vol. 16.3 of Mouseion. We’re grateful to editor Kevin Solez and all the contributors to this collection in honour of a giant in our field, Emeritus Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Western Ontario Dr. Nigel Crowther.


Table of Contents

  • “Introduction to Aryballos I: Studies in Honour of Nigel B. Crowther” Kevin Solez. 383-384.
  • “Laudatio for Nigel Crowther.” Reyes Bertolín Cebrián. 385-387.
  • “Athlètes, sports et jeux sur les monnaies antiques.” Louis Brousseau. 389-413.
  • “Slinking Home to Mother: Pindar on Losers (Pyth. 8.81–87).” Christopher G. Brown. 415-431.
  • “Horse and Herald: Posidippus’ Equestrian Angelia.” Peter J. Miller. 433-452.
  • “Breeding Success: The Creation of the Racehorse in Antiquity.” Carolyn Willekes. 453-469.
  • Equestrian Acrobatics in Archaic Greece.” Jonathan Vickers. 471-491.
  • On Olympic Victors, Ancient and Modern.” Stamatia Dova. 493-516.

Access the full volume via Mouseion at the University of Toronto Press:


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